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McClean helps homeless in his hometown

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The Republic of Ireland footballer has paid for four persons to stay in a hotel in the city of Londonderry

Republic of Ireland player James McClean believes in giving back to life after his success in the national team and in Stoke City.

The winger and his wife, have paid for hotel and food for four people in the city of Londonderry.

“James text me on Sunday evening out of the blue and asked me to do him a favor,” McClean’s father Patrick told BBC News NI.

“You never know with James what he will ask.”

“He wanted to know about the homeless situation back in Derry, and I told him there seemed to be a rise in the number of people you can see sleeping rough,” he added.

“James said ‘I have booked four rooms, can you go and gather whoever needs a bed for a few nights’.”

“There was absolute shock and disbelief on their faces, they were so pleased that a complete stranger would do this for them,” Patrick said.