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McGinn believes he can achieve even more now

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The Aston Villa footballer was chosen by teammates and supporters as the player of the year, and now he wants to show off in the Premier League.

John McGinn had a great season with Aston Villa in the English Championship.

He took them to the Premier League, and also was voted player of the year by teammates and supporters.

And now, he’s ready to give even more for his team, as he prepares for the EPL season.

“I feel this season I’ve managed to keep that consistency over long periods and I’m delighted with that,” said McGinn to Birmingham Mail.

“I think I’ve experienced just about everything (in football).”

“I know I’m only 24 but when you’ve won things and been relegated you know what football is like,” he commented.

“If you get too high it comes back to bite you on the backside so I was always aware in spells before when I’ve done well in a season, eventually there was a wee dip.”

McGinn explained: “Coming to Villa, I knew there were things in my game I wanted to improve and I have done – but there are still a lot more.”

“If you’ve not got the doubts to go and prove people wrong, that’s when you get into that comfort zone and stop progressing.”

“You will always have people to prove wrong,” he confessed.

“I always have done and I always will. I use that to spur me on and stay hungry and that’s a big aim.”