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McGrath believes United should have bought Koulibaly and not Maguire

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According to the former Manchester United defender didn’t like his old club’s decision to buy Harry Maguire from Leicester City.

Harry Maguire became the most expensive defender when he moved from Leicester City to Manchester United.

And for former Red Devils footballer Paul McGrath, the team should have bought other players, like Kalidou Koulibaly.

“So Harry Maguire is now a better player than Virgil van Dijk?” McGrath was quoted by Football 365.

“I wish Harry all the best in proving that true, but it just shows you the money Manchester United had to spend to land the Leicester City and England center-half, a long-time target for whom they would not pay £14m two years ago.”

“My old club spent that massive money for three reasons,” he said.

“Firstly, at 26, Harry can offer the promise of seven or eight of the best years of his career. Secondly, he’s English, always an issue with UEFA’s eligibility rules.”

“But thirdly, and most importantly, Manchester United had to get a leader at the back, a man who would call the shots,” he commented.

“If rumors of a Paul Pogba move come to pass, the 26-year-old may even take the captain’s armband for next Sunday’s Premier League opener.”

McGrath added: “I’d have preferred United to make a Red Devil out of Kalidou Koulibaly, the Napoli defender, ahead of Maguire.”

“But I understand why the club went Maguire’s way instead. He’s two years younger and Koulibaly is Senegalese, which would have forced United to buy an English player in another position where they might want to import a player.”