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Meet Ansu Fati, FC Barcelona’s latest La Masia prodigy

Barcelona, Osasuna
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It’s a perfect time for us to talk about Ansu Fati in detail, the latest young prodigy to come out of FC Barcelona’s La Masia academy.

The hype appears to be real about youngster Ansu Fati at FC Barcelona, we need to talk about the origins and profile of this FC Barcelona prodigy from La Masia.

His full name is Ansumane Fati, he was born in Guinea-Bissau and he is only 16 years of age.

This youth academy product is actually another one of those talents who was dangerously close to leaving the country, he came close to making this decision only two months ago.

The type of talent that this player has is quite unique, he is one of those fearless kids who appear once every generation.

The easiest way to describe his kind of talent is to talk about the way in which he confronts defenders.

Whenever he takes the ball and goes on the attack, Fati tends to confront his defender directly instead of passing the ball to one of his teammates.

At age 16, this is a very rare quality to have and something that the Catalan club is always looking for.

When they realized that Manchester City and Manchester United were after his transfer, the club immediately agreed to upgrade his contract to three years.

Barcelona also placed a release clause of €100 million for this teenager, they promised him a spot in the club’s B team and an eventual promotion to the senior squad.


Fati never imagined this would happen so quickly, he became the youngest player to debut in FC Barcelona’s history and the third overall.

At only 16, Ansu even surpassed Lionel Messi’s debut from 2005. Leo also took notice of his unique talent, the team’s captain posted a heartfelt Instagram picture right after Fati made his debut against Real Betis at Camp Nou.

This appeared to be a good omen for the youngster, as he scored his first La Liga goal during the next match against Osasuna.

Things are happening very quickly for a player this young, but his talent truly lives up to the hype that is being created around him.

This stage of his career is very critical, which is why the Catalan club will most certainly leave him to play many matches for the FC Barcelona B team this season.

They will only use him for some La Liga matches as manager Ernesto Valverde decided to leave him out of the UEFA Champions League squad this season.

It is clear that Fati still needs a little time to adapt, playing in La Liga for now should be more than enough.

This is a player who was spotted by the Catalan club from a very early age, he started his career in Sevilla at age 8 and the Blaugrana beat Real Madrid to sign him two years after that.

Fati’s partnership with Take Kubo.

During the 2013-14 season in La Masia, Ansu Fati struck a powerful partnership with Real Madrid’s Takefusa Kubo.

That youth Barcelona squad made all the headlines after scoring 130 goals in their debut season with Fati and Kubo as their biggest stars.

The African forward was unlucky by being directly affected by FIFA’s ban that Barcelona got for a year, he wasn’t allowed to play during that time.

The kid also suffered a serious injury during that time, but he came back stronger than before after his recovery.

What matters is Fati’s latest season with the Barcelona youth squad, he scored a staggering 56 goals in 29 matches during the full year.

His style of play is very reminiscent to a young Leo Messi when he was part of La Masia as well, only Fati is taller and stronger than the Argentine.

Ansu’s biggest characteristic is his versatility, he can play in any position on the attack with equal results.

This is a player who isn’t very common in the lower categories of any academy, he appears destined for great things.

The way in which his two managers lead him from this moment forward will be key to his development, we can expect him to feature in more La Liga matches this season.

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