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Meet Diego Lainez, the latest Mexican prodigy

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At only 18 years of age, Club America product Diego Lainez is arguably the most exciting Mexican talent playing in Liga MX and European clubs are already after him.

It appears that it’s only a matter of time before a big European club buys Mexican winger Diego Lainez and starts his career in the old continent. A product of both Club America and Pachuca from Liga MX, Diego Lainez is the latest talent to come out of Mexico and he already proved to be one of the most interesting players in the world at his age after his stellar performance in the prestigious Toulon tournament played before the World Cup. Diego was able to take his under 20 national team all the way to the final which they lost against England, but he was crowned as the best player of the competition and joined other legendary players who have received the distinction. Lainez is only 18 years of age and he is already proving that he has the special kind of talent for which the biggest players in the world pay millions of euros, his skills are just too great to ignore by any club in Europe and the kid is already being scouted by the very best and it will take him less than a year to leave the institution. Even pundits from other countries are already in awe for what this prodigy can do.


Lainez biggest problem in Mexico.

But the main obstacle that Diego Lainez will surely find in Mexican football is his own squad, Club America will not let the player leave that soon because they don’t feel like he is ready to make the jump to Europe and they also want him to grow a little more so they can get more money from any club that wants him. The biggest reason why many young talents in Mexican football are not spotted from an earlier age, is because the clubs prevent them from getting recognized on the international stage but Lainez had that big break during the Toulon tournament and that was more than enough for some of the most important clubs in Spain and England to add him to their shopping carts. Diego Lainez is one of the talented discoveries of a legendary Mexican scouter, the same one who discovered America idol Cuauhtémoc Blanco who was a major player for his country in the late nineties. This scouter’s name is Alvaro ‘Coca’ Gonzalez, he discovered Diego alongside an interesting generation of player who are starting to get recognized.

Diego Lainez is Gonzalez’s most advanced student.

This scouter we are telling you about has also recently discovered another player who is already a big name in the transfer market, which is Mexican winger Hirving Lozano who plays for PSV Eindhoven. If you thought that Lozano has skills with the matches you’ve seen him play so far, wait until you see Diego Lainez in his full glory. The style of play that he has on the attack is very similar to naturally born wingers who have unique dribbling skills against defenders, Lainez could be the very first Mexican player with this level of skill and he should get the best treatment possible when he comes to Europe for any club. Diego’s first chance was given to him a couple of seasons ago by none other than Ricardo Antonio La Volpe, the Argentine manager who coached Mexico during the 2006 World Cup in Germany and was managing Club America when he saw the skinny kid play football. When La Volpe saw him for the first time, he didn’t hesitate to give Lainez his first chance at professional football.

The steps Diego still needs to make in order to play in Europe.

According to Club America’s board of directors and manager Miguel Herrera, the youngster still has to go through a maturing process in order to get the necessary experience that will take him to European football and not return after only one year. But we beg to differ here because a player with the special talent like Diego’s needs to start their career in Europe from the very beginning and not look back after that. The sooner a major club from either Spain, England, Italy, Germany, France or Holland take him, the better. There is no more time to lose with Diego Lainez because all Club America is doing by not letting him leave Mexico already, is delaying his developing process as a player who could potentially become world-class at a very early age in his career. But don’t let us tell you more about him, we will add some video evidence to back out claims and you can judge the skills Diego Lainez has for yourself. Mark our words, Diego Lainez will become one of the best players in the world in the next five years.

In which club would you like to see Diego Lainez make his European debut? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.