Memphis Depay responds brilliantly to bullying from fans

Dutch forward Memphis Depay responded to abuse from opposing fans via his social media in elegant fashion, they mocked him for not having a father.

Dutch winger Memphis Depay has suffered bullying all his life, his personal story is well-known as his father walked out on his family when he was only 4-years old.

The Dutch youngster grew up with his grandfather as his only father figure until he passed away one day before Memphis’ 15th birthday, this loss transformed young Depay into a driven young man who vowed to become a successful football player and he has already reached a certain level of notoriety in the French Ligue 1.

But with skill and fame comes a price, Depay has always suffered abuse from fans as he has always been considered a top-class player.

The Dutch player’s latest abuse came from Saint-Etienne’s fans during the Rhone Derby against Olympique Lyonnais, a match in which Lyon defeated Les Verts 2-1 with goals from Fekir and Dembele.

The controversial moment came from the stands as the local club’s fans brought a large sign in which they openly provoked Memphis Depay, they mentioned the fact that he has over 5 million social media followers and yet he doesn’t have a father.

Far from getting a negative response from Memphis Depay, the player decided to give his two cents on the matter instead of lashing out by talking about the envy that many of those fans feel for not having a player as good as him on their ranks.

Memphis written response was on point, he was never disrespectful and even ended a series of Tweets with a quote from the Bible.

“I have nothing against the people who did this. I know they low key love me!” wrote Memphis as quoted by Mundo Deportivo. ”

I also know they mad they just mad they don’t have 1 player with the same quality like me.”

“It doesn’t bother me 1 second, I just wanted to say some things about it. 0 points against us this season I can imagine what that feels like. Should I continue…?”

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper, I leave it by that! God bless everybody! Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only love can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, love can do that.”

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“Even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the day, for darkness is as light with you. Psalm 139:12,” wrote Memphis on his official Twitter account.

Abuse of this nature is nothing new in football, there have been several players who take heavy bullying from fans of opposing squads and each of them reacts in a different manner.

You usually have two situations that take place when something like this happens, there is the player who reacts in a negative manner and gets deeply affected by this abuse in a psychological manner (we are looking at you, Robin van Persie).

Then you get the players who tend to be strong despite all this bullying, players who know these situations happen because the rivals consider them a frightening opponent and they would do anything in their power to distract them.

The players who don’t react in a negative manner can display a large variety of responses, from what Memphis did to Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous bragging about how great a player he is, to Lionel Messi simply ignoring whatever negative comment or jeer that comes his way during an away football match.

Every player has a different personality, Memphis Depay proved that his character is strong and he can take a bit of banter.

What’s your take on fans bullying the opposition’s best players when they visit their stadium? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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