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Mendy admits he was nervous during his Madrid unveiling

Ferland Mendy, Real Madrid, La Liga
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Defender Ferland Mendy moved from Lyon to Real Madrid in the summer, but he has not settled in yet as he has had a difficult time there.

24-year-old left-back Ferland Mendy moved from Lyon to Real Madrid during the summer transfer window.

And the French footballer didn’t fit right in right away, as he is battling an injury.

“I had a bad time in my unveiling, I felt very stressed, my friends told me I was going to fail, and in the end, I failed,” Mendy explained in an interview with Canal+.

“I arrived and I saw all the fans and I just thought ‘Oh’.”

He added: “I told myself that I didn’t have to fail, that my presentation wasn’t an event that needed to be magnified, but it was the first time in my life I’d felt such stress.”

“The most difficult moment of my career was when I had the hip problem at Paris Saint-Germain.”

“The doctor who treated me told me I could need an amputation, and I stayed in a wheelchair for a long time,” he added.

“Six months later I learned to walk again and I think it may have been good to have that injury, I believe that.”

He commented on the chance to be able to return to the French capital for the UEFA Champions League match between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain: “I am from Paris and it will be a special moment.”

“All the fans will be in the full stadium.”