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Menotti applauds Messi’s absence for Argentina

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Writing an editorial for Spanish outlet Sport, Cesar Luis Menotti spoke intimately about Leo Messi’s absence in Argentina and the solution to its problems.

The Argentina National Team has suffered a crisis that has endured for decades now even with Leo Messi at his best, people like Cesar Luis Menotti have been talking about the many problems that the Argentina Football Asociation has dealt with since the Grondona days. The Barcelona star’s absence from the National Team during the next international break is key for Menotti, he explained in a thorough editorial written on Diario Sport, the many reasons Lio’s absence is a good thing and he also described the core problems that AFA has endured during the time in which Messi has represented their country. To the former Argentina manager who had the privilege of coaching Diego Maradona during his early years, he knows exactly how to use Messi in the national team and why he hasn’t triumphed with his country as he has done with Barcelona. But for el ‘Flaco’, the main problems Argentina has right now need to get solved in record time while Lionel is resting from all the stress that the national team brings any player.

In his lengthy editorial written for Diario Sport, Menotti clearly states that it’s a very good idea to leave Messi out of the squad for the next matches because the national team needs to find the suitable players who can accompany him during the latter years of his international career. Menotti seemed certain that Lio will return to play for Argentina but he described the main problem that could keep him away indefinitely: “Argentinean football is deadly wounded and time is running out. We are living in a time of crisis with a degraded face. It has suffered the hideous brutality within its own decomposition. It has endured scenarios filled with shame and lost prestige that we need to recover. There is a faction of liars and cheats who wear business masks that have found a way to hide their heinous acts in the attention that the media carries along with it,” wrote Menotti clearly talking about the old command in AFA, the one that late Julio Grondona dominated throughout his life through corruption.

“You can’t think about changing the present we live today and think that we are ready for the future without looking at what we did wrong in the past. That is impossible. Messi is Argentine football’s present but his genes belong to the history of Argentinean football, that also carried players like Sivori, Di Stefano, Kempes, Maradona. This is about recovering that idea and set up a place in which Messi can shine at his brightest. If he was the first violin of an orchestra, we would have to surround him with the best musicians who don’t go out of tune when they play alongside him. Without the pursue for success, Argentine football is doomed. This debate mustn’t get lost in talking about the time that Leo Messi will be absent from the national team. What we need to do is know what we are looking for in order to find it. Nobody can guarantee a World Cup trophy and yet, we still reached a final in the middle of a crisis with Messi on the squad,” wrote the legendary manager. 

In Argentinean football there is nobody who is better prepared to understand what AFA needs to do in order to win a major trophy with Messi, he is one of the few who actually understands that blaming the player for his national team’s failures is the last thing they have to do and even gave them some pointers on how to arm the national team with new players who can play alongside him. But finding the talent that can do it is a monumental task that only a manager with his deep knowledge of Argentinean football can complete, it would be great if the people at AFA could convince Menotti to take one last attempt at taking the national team back to a path of success. But given how dire the situation is right now inside the federation, Menotti must be filled with doubt is such a proposal sat in front of him. However, if he entertained the idea of taking on the challenge, he would become the only manager in football history who coached two of the greatest football players of all time. Think about it ‘Flaco’, you know you want it.


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