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Merino wants to improve his skills at Newcastle

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Mikel Merino had a quite successful first season even though he didn’t play that much in the last period of it – but he wants to stay at Newcastle and improve his attacking skills during the summer.

Merino had come before the season started as a loanee from Borussia Dortmund but the Magpies decided to sign him on a permanent deal afterwards – and the player wants to stay there and prove his worth.

The midfielder spoke about his future development as he said, according to Shields Gazette:

“I want to increase my offensive skills, try to make more goals, try to be more confident with the ball and try to make my teammates play better.”

“In the summer I will work on my less strong things, like using more of the right foot and things like that, and in the pre-season, I’ll try to improve myself even more and start the season at a high level..”