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Merson – Arsenal should pay the 40 million to get Rodgers

brendan rodgers
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Paul Merson believes that the 40 million it would take to get Brendan Rodgers from Leicester City, to become Arsenal’s new manager is worth it.

The Gunners legend is one of many who are far from happy with Unai Emery and believes the time has come for change.

Emery recently got a vote of confidence from the Arsenal board, but Merson thinks it’s too late for the Spaniard.

In an interview reported by Goal, Merson feels that given that Arsenal have shown they can spend big on players, spending bug on the right manager should be a viable option too.

He said:

“I think he’s [Rodgers] one of the best in the business.”

“If I was Arsenal, I would have been ringing Leicester up and saying, ‘how much do you want?’.”

“If you’re going to pay £72 million for a winger [Pepe] that hasn’t played in the Premier League and has played in the French league, I would pay £40m for him tomorrow morning.”

Merson believes Rodgers could be the solution for both Tottenham and Arsenal, given their recent woeful form.

He added:

“I would say Arsenal [would be a good fit for Rodgers]. Arsenal or Tottenham.”

For now, Unai Emery remains in charge of Arsenal.

However, unless there are significant signs of improvement, there is little hope of the power brokers at the Emirates Stadium ignoring the cacophony that is calling for his head.

The Gunners fans would even prefer Jose Mourinho to Unai Emery right now.