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Merson explains why Redknapp was better than Wenger

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Paul Merson is adamant that Harry Redknapp was a better manager than Arsene Wenger, and he explains his way of thinking.

When we talk about managerial records and accomplishments there are few that would rank higher than Arsen Wenger.

If you were to draw comparisons between Wenger and other managers, you may talk about Ferguson, Mourinho, Guardiola, and maybe even Klopp. But what about Harry Redknapp?

Perhaps if we were talking about transfer deadline day wheeling and dealing. But comparing records or tactical ability I’m not convinced.

However, a certain Paul Merson who played for both managers is adamant Redknapp is the best.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he explains that given the resources Wenger had at his disposal winning was far easier than the way Harry did it.

Merson said:

 “One hundred percent, Harry Redknapp was best man-manager I’ve ever worked under, by a million miles.”

“As a man-manager knowing what you want or what you need, you could tell him what you need, he wouldn’t tell you what you needed. I think that was a massive thing with him.”

“The thing with Harry, people think, ‘Oh, he’s a wheeler-dealer’… his knowledge of football is second to none.”

“I honestly think he’s tactically better than Arsene Wenger, in my opinion. I worked under both.”

“Tactically, if I know a manager who wants to set up, make sure we don’t lose a game and stop the other team playing… for me, Harry is the man.”

“He’s with George Graham, that sort of level. Arsene Wenger, he had some unbelievable players.”

“When you’ve got Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Pires, Vieira, Petit, Overmars, and Ljungberg. If I’m the manager of Arsenal, I’m opening the football match up!”

“I want the game to expand, to go end-to-end because if it does, there’s only one winner. That’s Arsenal because of the players I just reeled off.”

I’m sure the fact that Wenger ended Merson’s Arsenal career by selling him to lowly Middlesborough has nothing to do with this theory.

What do you think?

Surely Wenger has to be in contention as one of the Premier League greats?