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Messi believes Scaloni can lead Argentina to glory

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Barcelona and Argentina superstar Lionel Messi believes Lionel Scaloni was the right choice to lead the Argentine national team to success.

After Lionel Messi was crowned as the best men’s player at the FIFA Football Awards, the player was interviewed by FIFA.com.

Perhaps one of the most tenacious questions was that of his thoughts on the possible progress and success of the Argentinan national team under Lionel Scaloni.

Scaloni was only the interim manager at this summers Copa America.

Although Argentina only managed a third-place finish, his tenure was deemed a success and he was handed the reigns on a permanent basis.

When Messi was asked about the appointment, head was full of praise and support for what is considered a young manager. Scaloni is ony 41 years of age.

Messi Said:

“He’s a coach who has things clear in his head, who knows how to watch football and is very good at getting things across.”

“He’s easy to understand, he’s good at his job and he knows how to handle the players.”

“I think they got it right in giving him the job permanently and the space and time he needs to work with the national team.”

When Messi was asked how he felt about coaching ne day himself, he was rather noncommittal.

He added:

“I’ve always said that I don’t, but you never know.”

“I look at them and start thinking that I would like to work with youngsters, to train them and coach them, but right now I honestly can’t see it happening.”

“It might happen over the new few years, though. I don’t know.”

When asked about Argentine legend Diego Maradonna’s return to management, he was happy for his hero.

He continued:

“Yes, I saw it. Obviously I’m delighted to see him back, to see him coaching again.”

“I was there when he was in charge of the national team and he really enjoyed it, lived it to the maximum.”

He has to do the same now with Gimnasia. I’m delighted he’s back in Argentinian football, which is where he has to be if you ask me.”

Now Messi has secured another personal accolade, his focus now is domestic glory with Barcelona and Copa America glory with Argentina.

He concluded:

“[I want to win] all of them it’s been four years since we’ve won the Champions League and we really want to win it again.”

“We know, though, that if we don’t do the job day in day out, then we won’t make it.”

“As for the Copa America, I’m really looking forward to having the opportunity to go for it yet again. I’m really excited about this year’s Copa.”

lionel messi
MILAN, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 23: Lionel Messi attends The Best FIFA Football Awards 2019 at the Teatro Alla Scala on September 23, 2019 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)