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Messi may impress the world, but not Brazilian fans

Messi may impress the world, but not Brazilian fans
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In light of the Copa America semi-finals, Brazilian supporters threw shade at Argentinian superstar, Lionel Messi..and it was a stinging one.

They say you can be the juiciest, ripest peach in the world, and someone’s still not going to like peaches. If anyone knows this to be true, it is certainly Lionel Messi. The misfortunate Argentinian goal machine has been receiving lots of criticism on behalf of angry Brazilian fans.

The reasons for this are mostly due to the fact that Messi showcased several poor performances in the national jersey competitions.

With the semi-finals lurking around the corner, Brazil is now faced up against Argentina. However, Brazilian supporters are not only unafraid of Messi, but show it, too.

One particularly passionate Brazilian fan recently undermined Messi’s efficiency in a street interview rant.

“I didn’t see Messi, did he play?” joked the Brazil supporter.

Messi may impress the world, but not Brazilian fans
PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL – JUNE 23: Lionel Messi of Argentina gestures during the Copa America Brazil 2019 group B match between Qatar and Argentina at Arena do Gremio on June 23, 2019, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. (Photo by Alessandra Cabral/Getty Images)

“Was he there?

“Was he playing football?”

And before you know it, one became a handful.

“Messi won’t do anything,” said another supporter, as per Marca.

“He is a player who can’t cope with the pressure of the most important matches.

“It’ll be a hard-fought game, but Messi won’t do anything,” he continued.

“Brazil will win 3-0, like in recent times.”

A third fan of Brazil chimed in, lashing out on Messi’s poor execution in Copa America and other national competitions.

“It’s always fun to play against Argentina, plus Leo had had four matches in a row where he hasn’t been on the pitch,” he also noted.

“He’s there, but he doesn’t run or do anything.”

“Messi only plays with Barcelona, but not with Argentina,” he said.

Ouch, even if the world says you are the best player ever, taking the heat is not fun in the park. Especially since Leo is well aware of his continuous underperformance for Argentina’s national team.

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