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Messi confessed he missed winning an individual award

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After winning FIFA’s The Best Award of 2019, Lionel Messi reminded us that he missed winning these individual awards every year.

It had been four years since Lionel Messi got on stage to receive one of the biggest awards of the year, this is the first FIFA The Best Award he receives.

In previous seasons, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luka Modric took the prize home. Messi struggled every single year to be recognized, which makes winning this year’s award even more important.

When he arrived to the ceremony, Leo was actually running a little late. This meant that he didn’t speak to the FIFA presenters on the green carpet, there was a moment where he went past by them and told them he would speak to the press later.

After the ceremony and with the award on his hand, Leo finally spoke to members of the media.

We fortunately had a correspondent for Ronaldo.com in the ceremony, he was right there to pick up Leo Messi’s statements right after winning the award.

This is the first time that our news outlet gets credited to attend this ceremony, Leo spoke to several members of the media.

Our correspondent Manuel R. Medina was in the gala waiting for Leo, he picked up every statement Leo gave to the press after winning the ward.


“I will always say that the collective aspect of this is more important, the rest comes as a result of the hard work you do with the team,” said Leo to Ronaldo.com.

“Both things go hand in hand. I’m especially happy to share this with my family. It’s been a long time since I won an individual award.”

“This is the first time I win this one, it’s great to finally have it in my hands. When you win the collective trophies, the individual awards usually come as well.”

“It’s not just me, but it also happened when we won the Champions League back in 2015. It doesn’t always happen that way though, because people who deserve to win it sometimes don’t.”

“Generally, you win these awards when you win important trophies with your team. We had a rough start of the season, we are having a hard time finding our best game structure and creating chances.”

“We also allow a lot of goals very easily. We are lucky that this is only the start of the season, but he must react quickly and we already know that we need to improve.”

“We all know that we are struggling to find our better form, this is a group problem but we are only getting started. I have no doubt that we’ll grow as the weeks keep going by.”

“I’ve been away from the pitch for a long time, I was on holiday and then I suffered the injury.”

“I’ve been inactive for three months. I still felt tired the other day, I needed that spark that I usually have.”

“I will grab it more as I get to play more games. I need the minutes but I need to do it slowly. The doctors already warned me that I could fall injured again, I need to take it slow,” he added.

Messi also praised Ansu Fati.

During this exchange with the press, Leo Messi was also directly questioned about youngster Ansu Fati.

The Argentine has already appeared online with a picture he posted on his Instagram, where he praises the youngster.

It’s clear that Messi is happy for having new talents like Fati at Barcelona, he spoke wonders about the kid.

However, Messi called for the press to let Fati play his football and not pressure him with any comparisons.

Leo is clearly one of the most important figures in the young player’s development at FC Barcelona.

When asked about his talent, Messi said: “I was impressed from the very first moment I saw him training, he piqued my interest immediately.”

“He was already making his debut on the very next day after that, he has incredible qualities to play football.”

“I don’t think that giving him so much pressure and responsibility is wise. We need to help him grow along the way and don’t allow the outside noise to stop his development.”

“He has amazing qualities to become an important player in the future,” he concluded.

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