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Messi could leave Barcelona in 2020 for free

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A report from the Catalan press confirms that Lionel Messi has the power to leave FC Barcelona in the year 2020 outside of Europe.

Lionel Messi’s next destination has been a topic of conversation for some time now, the Barcelona star signed a contract renovation until 2021 but he requested a clause that lets him leave for no cost to a lesser league outside of Europe.

We may think that 2020 is not too far from now, but that is only one and a half years, which is not really a long time considering that Messi is still playing his best football. So, what is wrong with Lionel Messi then? Has he grown tired of playing football at the very top of the elite?

The truth is that Lionel can’t really give Barcelona any more than what he already gave them, he may be able to win another Champions League in the near future but there is a big chance that Messi is already thinking about retirement and Argentina is arguably his most preferred destination for when he decides to leave European football.

Messi has already said several times that he wants to play for Newell’s Old Boys, considering the Argentine league still at top level means that Messi is thinking about winning more trophies that are important to him.

The possibilities for what he could do in South American football are literally endless, this is a player who has the potential to make another great impact on the American continent as he did in Europe.

As a player who was born in Argentina, other great players like Juan Roman Riquelme or Carlos Tevez, have repeatedly spoken to Lionel about how special it is to win a tournament like the Copa Libertadores.

This is where Mundo Deportivo’s report starts to make a lot more sense, they say that FC Barcelona’s intention is to extend Lionel Messi’s contract until 2022 or 2023 if they can.

However, the player himself is the one who requested this clause in which the Catalan club won’t charge a single dime to any club from outside of Europe that tries to sign him in the future.

Messi has already vowed his undying love for the club that gave him everything and he will never play for another club that could potentially play against Barcelona in any competition, much like Xavi and Iniesta have done when they decided to retire from the Catalan club.

The first decided to leave and play in Qatar, the second one made the choice to play in the Japanese J-League and none of them has to worry about ever playing against FC Barcelona.

Messi obviously has offers from all over Europe, especially clubs like Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain who have repeatedly made him offers that the player always refused.

The options for Lionel are not many, but him leaving in 2020 is still not a sure thing. We can’t forget that Messi will attempt to play his last World Cup in 2022 and he needs to be in his best form in order to accomplish that, for he will be well into his 34 years by the time this tournament comes.

There are options to play in the MLS in the future, but we are convinced that Messi’s plan is to go back to Argentina and win trophies there before he ultimately decides to retire.

We are entering the final years of Lionel Messi in Barcelona, we can’t imagine the Catalan club without him but time has no mercy on anyone, not even players like him.

It would be nice having a technology that allowed us to keep players like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in a permanent youth state, that way we wouldn’t have to worry about watching any of them retire.

Those two monsters will leave and they will be sorely missed, there won’t be players like them ever again in football history.

Feeling nostalgic about Messi and Ronaldo’s inevitable retirement is something that we can’t help, they gave us so much during all this time and not having them around anymore in European football will hit us hard.

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