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Messi is “impossible” to stop, he is better than Ronaldo

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Micah Richards, the one time Manchester City defender seems to think that Messi is better than Ronaldo because the Argentine was “impossible” to stop.

Richards has played against both players.

He played against Ronaldo in Manchester derbies, and then against Messi in the Champions League.

The defender has no doubt though, that Messi was the superior player.

In an interview with Sport Bible, he classes Messi as the GOAT.

He said:

“I have to say Lionel Messi [is the GOAT].”

“Just because I’ve played against Ronaldo and I kept him quiet on a couple of occasions.”

Playing against neither was easy, but he just couldn’t compete with Messi.

He added:

“I wouldn’t say easy.”

“We went to Old Trafford and I played well against him.”

“Whereas I couldn’t get anywhere near Messi. He was different gravy.”

“That calibre of player. It’s just impossible to stop him.”

He gave credit to both. But, based on his personal experience, the award of the GOAT goes to:

“They are two of the greatest players of all time, the numbers speak for themselves, but I’d say Lionel Messi is harder to play against.”

It’s hard to separate to phenomenons like that, with the pair even admitting they make each other better.