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Messi is set to return against Internazionale Milano

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Argentine forward Lionel Messi, has trained with his Barcelona teammates all week and seems like he will return against Internazionale Milano.

Lionel Messi’s words about wanting to win the Champions League badly at the start of the season, seem to have become a mantra for the Argentine who is training hard for next week’s match against Internazionale Milano.

FC Barcelona will play at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium on Tuesday, a day that Lionel Messi has set as a target for his imminent return from the elbow injury he suffered a couple of weeks ago.

The initial prognosis for recovery that the Barcelona medical staff released was a full month, but the Argentine is crazy about playing this season as he feels like this could be a good one for him.

We could already see him last Sunday watching the match against Real Madrid without the splint on his left arm, but he surprised us even more last Monday when he stepped on the pitch to practice alongside his teammates.

There still wasn’t a general idea of when Messi would return to a competitive match until this Thursday.

The Argentine won’t travel to Vallecas as a cautionary measure because the doctors want him to practice some more without the splint, but the sensations are that the forward is ready to play tomorrow if necessary.

During the whole week, Messi was already spotted making sprints without feeling any pain on his arm and the medical staff has decided that they will use a mechanism that will be easier for him to move without risking the injured area of his arm.

As he completed this Thursday’s session, the star was already part of the team’s starting eleven during the mini-match and he proved that the pain is completely gone.

This fast recovery process takes us back to 2014 when he suffered a nasty knee injury and also took half the time that was previously estimated to come back, Messi is just like Cristiano Ronaldo when it comes to their physical state.

Both players are freaks of nature who are especially gifted, and they don’t take long to recover from injuries when they do get one.

Both of them love the competition to a level where their own thirst for glory, is the biggest healer when they have fallen due to an injury setback.

Messi’s example in this arm fracture is only one of many, we can already be certain that manager Ernesto Valverde is considering him to even start the match at the Giuseppe Meazza.

Watching Leo so involved in everything that’s happening this season, can only get us more excited for the second half when every single title gets decided.

Messi is after Cristiano and Di Stefano’s record

In football history, there have been only two of the all-time greats who have a legendary record in the European Cup’s history, they are Cristiano Ronaldo and Alfredo Di Stefano.

These two are the only players who are amongst the all-time greats list, who have conquered the European Cup a total of five times. Both are Real Madrid legends and Messi wants to get in on the action, he has won four Champions League trophies so far during his career and he obviously wants to join the club alongside the other two legends this season.

Looking at him coming back from his injury with that sense of urgency, makes us believe that he really wants to reach that record this season if possible.

Barcelona does look like they are going to be unplayable this year, but they will need Messi at his best for the most difficult matches and next Tuesday will be one of those days.

Don’t be surprised if Messi plays against Inter and then goes back to the bench a few days later against Real Betis before the international break, his biggest target this season is the Champions League and he will do anything to win it.

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