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Messi is who decided Valverde’s future at Barcelona

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The Argentine player has been the one who decided that manager Ernesto Valverde should remain at FC Barcelona next season.

It had been four years since Lionel Messi spoke to the press in Barcelona before a match, he did it this Friday to defend manager Ernesto Valverde.

This has been perhaps one of the most anticipated press conferences in Barcelona.

The fans and the press were expecting a gesture from the captain after the elimination vs Liverpool.

Both Messi and Gerard Pique came out to speak to the media as captains, but the Catalan defender barely spoke as all the questions were directed at Messi.

Pique actually had his chance to talk to the press through the interview he offered earlier in the day to El Pais, we all wanted Messi to give his two cents on the club’s situation.

One of the biggest questions out there was about Ernesto Valverde’s continuity at Barcelona.

President Josep Maria Bartomeu came out to confirm that they are keeping him as the coach, but this had to go through Messi first.

The Argentine seems like the one who decides to stays and who leaves the institution.

Diario AS reported that the chairman and Leo met at the player’s house a week ago, they allegedly discussed the club’s future.

Leo has Valverde’s back.

With this meeting in mind, Messi spoke about the elimination at Anfield and he confirmed that he wants Valverde to stay as the manager.

“The elimination against Liverpool was a huge blow for me and all the dressing room,” he said via Diario Sport.

“It was tough to get back up. I think you saw that in the next game we had to play. But now we have a final, a trophy to play for and the possiblity to win the double.”

“We have to end the year well. We have to win, like all finals we play, we want the trophy.”

“I haven’t seen much of the criticism of the manger but I honestly think he has done an impressive job since he’s been here.”

“He was hardly to blame for anything against Liverpool. We, as the players, are to blame. We couldn’t let what happened the year before against Roma happen.”

“The image of the team was lamentable, it’s left a huge stain [on the season]. It can happen once [against Roma last year] but it should never happen in back-to-back years, not when you have the chance to be in a European final.”

“The mister has some of the blame, but the bigger part is with us.”

“I would like the coach to continue,” he added when asked if he wanted a managerial change this summer.”

“You can like him or not, but last year we won the double. Now we are fighting for another double. If you think about it, we’ve lost two games in these two years. The problem is how we lost them. The rest of the year was good.”

Messi is focused for the final.

It is clear that the Copa del Rey final is very important for Barcelona, Messi is certainly ready to win another trophy.

However, Messi was very clear when asked about the importance of this new challenge.

The Barcelona captain doesn’t want people to get the wrong impression, he obviously wants to win the title but he remains disappointed for that Champions League heartbreak.

There is no way to hide the failure that was losing this competition again, Messi is hoping that next season can be different.

The new players who are coming to the club are a major reason why he likes his odds of winning another Champions League before he retires.

We can’t forget that Messi is already past his 30 years of age, he is not getting any younger and he wants to end this wonderful story on a high note.

We still don’t know if his decision to support Ernesto Valverde will work next season, he may regret it or he may finally get what he wants. Only time will tell.

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