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Messi joins Ronaldo in the race for worst football statue

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Lionel Messi just joined Ronaldo in the race for the worst football statue ever created after the Barcelona wax museum’s unveiling.

Lionel Messi’s latest statue rivals Cristiano Ronaldo’s bust from a few years ago that made the world go into a meme war. Back in 2017, Artist Emanuel Santos presented an odd bust for the Madeira International Airport to honor Cristiano Ronaldo.

When the unveiling happened in Portugal, the world went crazy over the odd shape of the Portugal legend’s face. Even Ronaldo himself was a good sport about the whole ordeal. But his poker face is poor, he couldn’t hide his disappointment with the effort. 

The statue was improved after that but the initial images will roam the Internet until the end of time. It was strange that we still hadn’t seen a similar homage to Lionel Messi until today. We finally get to compare these two legends in the statue department and the result is even funnier than expected. 

Barcelona’s wax museum “honors” Messi. 

The Barcelona Wax Museum presented Lionel Messi’s figure on Thursday but the reactions were strikingly similar to Ronaldo’s 2017 bust. Twitter went crazy with the figure that looks nothing like Messi and more like an aged David Guetta (a famous DJ).

We still haven’t heard anything about the Argentine’s reaction but he always had a good sense of humor. Hopefully he will take this lightly and doesn’t make a scene. Although these days, we don’t know what to expect from Messi due to the recent drama surrounding his possible exit from the Catalan club.

Maybe he is not in the mood for a poor representation of his figure and he demands the museum to correct the piece. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear from Messi’s reaction when he takes a look at this creation. It’s up to you to decide which of both statues is funnier. Messi or Ronaldo?