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Messi knows Argentina has no more time to waste vs Qatar

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After getting only one point in their second Copa America match vs Paraguay, Lionel Messi knows that Argentina can’t waste any more time vs Qatar.

The Argentina National Team is in a state of emergency at the moment, not even Lionel Messi might be able to help them next Sunday vs Qatar.

The big opportunity to secure a spot in the tournament’s quarterfinals without suffering too much was this Wednesday, but they couldn’t get that result.

Messi was one of the few players who made a sacrifice to win the game, but he gets incredibly tired and frustrated during games like this one.

There was even a moment during the second half in which Messi took a corner kick after a massive effort he made to win it.

The Barcelona star took a few seconds to recover his breath, it was evident that he was already quite tired but he still didn’t give up.

Other players would’ve left the Argentina squad by now, there is no use for Messi to keep exposing himself in such fashion.

But the player explained what keeps bringing him back to the squad, he is doing it for his children.

Leo wants his kids to watch him win a trophy for Argentina, that is his greatest desire and it may not come true during this summer.

After the match, the captain spoke to the press as he usually does lately. Messi knows the problem that the national team is going through right now.

They know that they need to win against Qatar on Sunday and they can’t waste any more time.

“Not going through would be crazy. We are going to do it. We are currently going through a complicated moment, but we are focused on winning next Sunday,” said Leo via Diario Ole.

“We were okay until we received the goal, which came out of nowhere. We got quite disorganized after that.”

“The second half we had no choice but to go on the attack. We got the equalizer and then we lowered the rhythm.”

“We already knew it would be difficult, trying to find the ideal starting eleven and the proper dynamic. We have no more time to waste.”

“Playing the Copa America is not easy. Everything is so close between all the teams. The matches are more equaled each year.”

“The dressing room is hurt for this situation, winning today was key in order to remain relaxed for the next game.”

“But I see my teammates convinced that we can win against Qatar. We need to remain positive, we need to be confident.”

“Just thinking that they could’ve scored the penalty, that would’ve left us with no more options to qualify.”

“Things happen for a reason, we need to learn from all those experiences. We couldn’t win the match in order to get back on our feet.”

“But we will try to do our best next Sunday in order to qualify. We need to remain positive and confident.”

“We need to improve and get there as fit as we can for the next match. It is only one game. We depend on ourselves.”

“We have to win this. The talk we had with Lionel Scaloni two days ago was for the group’s own benefit, that will help us keep growing.”

“We knew what was at stake tonight, anything helps us grow and improve in the future.”

The biggest difference between Messi and Ronaldo.

Comparing these two players has become inevitable, their lives will be connected until the day they die.

Cristiano Ronaldo has experienced massive success with the Portugal National Team and Messi hasn’t.

The biggest reason for this is very simple: Ronaldo has better teammates than Leo does.

We are talking about the two best players in football history, but they live very different realities in their national teams.

Messi also lived a great period with his country, but he lost four out of four finals that he played.

Ronaldo on the other hand, was fortunate enough to have teammates who appeared when he wasn’t present.

This is where the difference between both players lies, their teammates. Right now, Messi simply doesn’t have a team that can support him as they did back in 2014 or 2007.

Ronaldo didn’t have that for many years, but he did back in 2016 and during the UEFA Nations League final against the Netherlands.

Leo might not be able to win this Copa America, but that won’t keep him from trying until he can’t play anymore.

This is what makes a champion what he is, Messi is a champion despite not winning any trophies with Argentina.

Exactly in the same way that Ronaldo is a champion when he wins them with Portugal.


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