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Messi made Di Maria cry during the last Copa America

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During an interview with ESPN Argentina, Angel Di Maria revealed when Messi made him and the Albiceleste players cry with a speech.

Lionel Messi was always heavily criticized for his attitude when he represented Argentina, but Angel Di Maria revealed how everything changed during the last Copa America.

We could all see the modifications that Leo made with his country, there are many new aspects of him as a captain that we hadn’t seen before.

From the way in which he embraced the youngsters to his public statements on the press, this was clearly a new Leo Messi.

But one thing that we didn’t expect from him at all, was knowing that he gave a heartfelt speech to the rest of the players.

Angel Di Maria just revealed a moment that Leo had with all his teammates after getting eliminated by Brazil in the competition.

We never thought that we would live to the day in which that timid player would become a public speaker.

This speaks volumes about how much Messi has evolved over time, he truly has grown into the player that we all expected him to become when he started his career.

People from Argentina are thrilled to finally have a complete captain, one who can keep the passionate spirit alive as Maradona did when he was still playing football.

“Messi said some beautiful words when we were eliminated by Brazil,” Di Maria told ESPN Argentina.

“Messi told us he was proud of the team we had built.”

“That we had not been together much as some had not been called up [to the senior team] before. Yet, it felt as though we had all been together for many years.”

“He said that we had all rowed in the same direction from the first day. That he was very proud of the youngsters for their commitment to this jersey and if they were there and gave what they gave at the Copa America, it was because they more than deserved to be there.”

“Once he finished, everyone was in tears because it touched everyone’s hearts, especially the youngsters.”

“The young players are the ones that have to carry on in the same path. It will not be easy for them. They will have to work and continue giving their all as sooner or later, luck will be on our side.”

“There was a lot of criticism that he didn’t sing [the national anthem], that he didn’t talk,” Di Maria added.

“This Copa America was different. He proved it. What made me happier was to see how he spoke in front of the group, how he spoke to reporters, what he said.”

“The important thing is that Leo is like this. I like this Messi.”

Leo will remain suspended until November.

Although AFA appealed against Conmebol to reduce Messi’s punishment, the organization decided that his ban would remain as it was before.

Leo is set to miss any type of international competition until the month of November, which means that he won’t be able to play a single friendly match with Argentina until then.

This is not such bad news for either side, as manager Lionel Scaloni will have time to put together the best possible squad that can play with their captain on a similar level.

Several players from the new generation are improving with their respective clubs, this time without Messi will give them a greater sense of responsibility.

When the time comes to play a new competitive match for the captain, these inexperienced players will be ready to deliver better results to the biggest player they have.

Regardless of his age, nobody envisions an Argentina squad without Lionel Messi for the foreseeable future.

We’ve talked about how we think the star might retire before Cristiano Ronaldo does, but we completely forgot the pending assignment he has with Argentina.

Messi is just as obsessed with winning an international trophy as Cristiano is about finishing his career with more individual accolades than Leo.

This is the only scenario in which we could see the Barcelona idol retiring after he is 25 years of age.

Will Messi eventually win a title with Argentina? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.