Messi reveals what he does to improve his free kicks

Argentine forward Lionel Messi, spoke to the press right after his amazing performance about the way he perfects his free-kick technique.

We can watch both of Messi’s free-kick goals against Espanyol on a loop, the FC Barcelona star needed only a single match to respond to Pele’s diss and reminded everyone that he still is one of the best players in the world.

The naysayers or Ronaldo fans will always try to diminish what he is doing, but we have always hated comparisons because both players are the best in football history.

All we do is to state the obvious, Cristiano Ronaldo also gets a lot of love from us and will always be considered as the greatest alongside Lionel.

But in a Saturday that both of them featured for their clubs in a Derby, it was Messi who took all the credit with his performance against Espanyol and a brace that came through two set-pieces in order to also respond to Pele’s criticism against his game.

The Brazilian legend said that Leo always uses the same exact dribbling skill, that he always hits the ball with his left foot and he is the overall better footballer when you compare them.

But again we say, comparisons are completely hideous and we really don’t like them. This doesn’t mean that Messi didn’t have the right to respond, he did it in great fashion with a memorable performance.

Because it wasn’t only the two free-kick goals which helped a lot, it was also the defense contribution he made throughout the 90 minutes and the way in which he led his teammates to victory.

The Messi we saw this Saturday was actually the best we’ve seen all season in La Liga, his efforts actually reminded us of the Luka Modric World Cup performances that earned him the Ballon d’Or last Monday and made us all remember that he is still very much looking to win all the trophies this season in order to get back to the top.

Right after the match, Lionel spoke to the press about his free-kick technique, Espanyol’s effort against Barcelona, and how much Dembele has improved lately.

“For my free kicks, I do follow a ritual and I tend to repeat it as is when it works out,” said Messi after the match via Diario Sport.

“We already knew that this stadium was very difficult and which team we were facing, we all came out with the ideal mentality.”

“Espanyol was having some great performances lately and we managed to prevent that team from playing their game.”

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“They have a great manager and needed to play well in order to win. We came out pretty strong and we were lucky enough to score an early goal.”

“We also knew that Espanyol suffers when they don’t have the ball. Dembele is in great form right now, he had another great performance today.”

“This competition is still very long and we need everybody committed, playing at a great level,” he concluded.

After hearing what Lionel Messi had to say, we do have to add that we won’t even try to do what the press from Barcelona have been doing in the last week.

Even if we know that both Messi and Ronaldo are the absolute best players in the world and maybe even history, we are not going to take any credit from what Luka Modric has accomplished in 2018.

The Croatian midfielder is the worthy winner of all the individual accolades, he really was the best player in the world throughout the whole year.

Messi and Ronaldo will have more chances to keep winning their own trophies in the upcoming years, we all know that everybody wants to know which of both players will get to win their sixth Ballon d’Or first.

But performing the way Messi did this Saturday against Espanyol, we are fairly certain that there are not other players who will stand a chance to take any individual award for the year 2019.

All Leo needs is to play the same way in games against the strongest opponents, we haven’t seen him perform at his best against the best clubs in the Champions League since that 2015 semifinal vs Bayern.

Do you think we will see the best Lionel Messi this season in all competitions? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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