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Messi scored his first goal for Barcelona 14 years ago

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We celebrate 14 years of the first goal that Lionel Messi scored as an FC Barcelona player, he could reach 600 career-goals today.

We need to talk about the day in which Leo Messi scored his first goal for FC Barcelona, it happened on May 1st, 2005.

If you told us that the young teenager who scored a goal after Ronaldinho’s assist exactly 14 years ago today would become what he is today, we wouldn’t believe you.

A young Lionel Messi stepped into the pitch against Albacete back in 2005 to completely change football history without us even knowing.

A lot has happened ever since that first goal was scored, the man has won 34 trophies and scored a total of 598 goals with the Catalan club.

Today, he will try to reach those 600 goals and also attempt to get closer to the 35th trophy of his professional career.

There isn’t much we can say about Lionel Messi ahead of this match that hasn’t been said already, all we can do is reminisce about the past and what that goal meant for him during the very start of his career.

We can’t forget that the man who helped him start it all was Ronaldinho, who is considered Lionel Messi’s biggest mentor in football.

The Argentine always praises the Brazilian in every chance he gets.

‘Dinho’ is perhaps one of the few people who knew the kind of player that Lionel Messi was going to become in the future.

From the very first day he arrived in Barcelona to practice with the first squad, the youngster received special treatment from the best player in the world at the time.

The day everything changed

When the teenager came into the pitch during the final minutes of the match, manager Frank Rijkaard didn’t think he would be able to make a massive impact.

All the told Messi was to enjoy himself and play the way he did during practice, and that’s exactly what Leo did.

In fact, there was a previous moment before scoring that goal where another one got disallowed.

Ronaldinho performed a similar assist with a chip over the defense but Messi was not in a legal position.

The second time they had to recreate the same moment, things worked out perfectly and Messi ran to Ronaldinho to celebrate on his shoulders.

We never imagined that Lionel would make a habit out of scoring goals with a subtle touch over the goalkeeper.

This first goal was the prelude of a long tradition that has remained in his DNA since he started kicking a football.

This specific type of skill is not the one that can be taught by any manager, this is a gift from genetics that comes within the player’s coding.

Every day that passes, we all become more assured that Leo Messi came to this world to play football and make all of us enjoy the beautiful game that much more.

The Liverpool challenge

All of the Liverpool opposition have been talking endlessly about the threat that Lionel Messi represents to their Champions League aspirations.

Jurgen Klopp revealed that he chooses Leo over any other player in football history as the best he ever saw.

When the Spanish journalist asked him about it, Klopp didn’t even flinch when he responded, the manager is certain of his beliefs and there is nothing anybody can do to change that.

But having the utmost respect for one of the all-time greats, doesn’t mean they won’t at least try their best to prevent him from scoring those two goals that separate him from the 600-goal mark.

We are just a few hours away from one of the most exciting Champions League semifinals of the last decade, one that will bring back the fondest memories.

Lionel Messi is right at the center of this new series, he will be the one who decides what happens with FC Barcelona this season.

It’s funny how historical statistics work, the Argentine could actually score 600 goals for Barcelona exactly 14 years after he scored his first.

It could also be at Camp Nou in front of his crowd, but we have to wait and see if he can pull it off.

Can Leo Messi reach 600 career-goals against Liverpool on the same day he scored his first goal for FC Barcelona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.