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Messi sends an ominous warning to FC Barcelona’s board

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The news of the week just came through Leo Messi, the Argentine sent an ominous message to FC Barcelona’s board.

It was just last week when we found out about Lionel Messi’s contract stipulation, the one that confirms he will be free to leave Barcelona in May of 2020.

This information was only reported by media outlets, but the Argentine confirms it in a very controversial interview for Diario Sport.

The piece won’t hit stands in Spain until early this morning, the cover gives us more than enough information to analyze for days.

We’ve been talking about the many mistakes that president Josep Maria Bartomeu has made since he took control of the club.

There have been many key members of the board that presented their resignation while he is in power, showing signs of a club that is in utter and complete shambles.

Barcelona’s recent failure in the Champions League is what hurts players such as Messi the most, but these other topics are also worrisome for the captain.

Then there is also the failed situation with Neymar, a mess that started all the way back in 2017.

Bartomeu didn’t do a single thing to stop the Brazilian player’s exit, a decision moved him away from Lionel Messi’s good graces.

The one who should be the most worried about his job is Bartomeu himself, the club members wouldn’t forgive him if he let Messi leave next season.

The revelations that the captain made in this interview are a prelude of a messy situation that is unfolding before our eyes.

Neymar was always the core subject.

Even though we still don’t know the biggest details of the interview that will be revealed later today, Diario Sport already revealed some juicy tidbits that we can start dissecting right now.

In a cover where Leo points with his finger straight to the camera in a menacing manner, the player leaves many doubts about his future with the subtitles alone.

“I would’ve loved Neymar to come. Honestly, I don’t know if Barça did everything they could to make his return happen but it’s true that negotiating with PSG is tough,” says Messi on the cover.

“I’m not disappointed, we have a spectacular squad that can compete for all the titles this season, even without Neymar.”

“From a performance point of view, Ney is one of the best players in the world. With him on board, the club would’ve made a massive leap in regards to sponsors and publicity.”

“It’s completely false that we demanded for Neymar’s transfer back to Barcelona, we only gave our opinion on the matter.”

“It’s already been proven that I’m not the one in charge, those claims are completely false.”

“It would be ideal for the club to have stability and not so many changes in the team’s structure, I believe Puyol would be an ideal technical secretary.”

“FC Barcelona is my home and I don’t want to leave, but I also want to keep winning trophies,” he added.

What happens after this explosive interview?

It’s hard to say what will go down after this interview sees the light of day, we know for a fact that Messi just declared war to Josep Maria Bartomeu.

It was no secret that most of the Barcelona players are unhappy with the way he’s been managing the squad.

Acting as a captain, Leo Messi sends a message to the board of directors from not only him, but the whole squad as well.

Asking for Carles Puyol to take the technical secretary position is only the first step, Leo will work together with other players to change the whole structure.

It is in Barcelona’s best interest to keep Messi happy for the few years that he has at the highest level of performance.

Nobody would like to see him leave the institution before his time, the ideal scenario is to have Leo retire from the club as the legend that he is.

Thinking about the few success stories of faithful players who remained with their clubs throughout their whole careers is inevitable at this point.

Leo would obviously love to emulate what other club legends such as Francesco Totti or Paolo Maldini with their respective clubs, but it won’t be easy.

The biggest obstacle that is preventing him to fulfill this dream is the club’s president: Josep Maria Bartomeu.

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