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Messi should forget about playing in Argentina

Messi, Argentina
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Former Argentina fitness coach Fernando Signorini insists the Lionel Messi should stay at Barcelona where he is loved.

Lionel Messi himself has spoken of a romantic return to Newells where his football career began back in Argentina.

The idea of such a move before he retires would be seen as the prodigal son returning home, by both the player and the club.

However, a fitness coach for the Argentina national side who worked with Messi in his younger days insists the player would be better off staying away.

Fernando Signorini has nothing but admiration for Messi and for that very reason he wants him to stay at Barcelona.

Signorini insists that his homeland does not hold Messi in the light they should and his advice is to stay where he is loved by everyone.

Speaking to  La Figura de la Cancha, he said:

 “I believe that Leo will continue in Barcelona, I have no doubts.” 

“Messi was the one who helped to put Barcelona at the top of the world because before Leo it was a different Barcelona than it is now and that is thanks to Leo.” 

“Loving him the way I love Leo, I would not tell him to come and play in Argentina because here it is carnage.”

“I do not forget that there are people here who continue to question him because he does not sing the anthem, accuse him of not feeling the shirt, and say he is cold in the chest.”