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Messi to Inter would be a “miracle” of biblical proportions

Conte, Messi
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Antonio Conte has suggested that the likelihood of Lionel Messi joining him at Inter Milan would take a miracle of biblical proportions.

The possible transfer of Lionel Messi from Barcelona to Inter Milan appears to be the story that won’t go away.

Barcelona has approached the matter with the view that Messi and the Catalan giants are inseparable and a life-time contract is on the table.

Inter have been realistic in the fact that they acknowledge how difficult such a deal would be, however, they have never totally ruled out such a move.

Now Conte has addressed the situation. Again without ruling out the move he has expressed the monumental task that it would take to make it happen.

Speaking to Sky Sports Italia after his side’s win over Napoli he suggests it would be a miracle of biblical proportions.

When asked about the chance of his side signing Messi or spending 200 million Euros this summer.

He responded:

“I think both of those scenarios are pretty improbable!

“It’d be easier to move the Duomo than to bring Messi to Inter!”

However, Conte is determined to hold on to his best players too, especially after Barcelona target Lautaro Martinez scored a screaming solo effort.

He added:

“I am holding on tight to my players, as they are giving their all, I can guarantee that.

Checkout Martinez’s goal and you will see exactly why his manager wants him to stay.

No wonder with a goal like that Lautaro Martinez is so sought after by more than just Barcelona.