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Messi – VAR, injuries, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and his future

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Lionel Messi on all things football, including his thoughts on VAR, his recent injuries, the best striker, his favourite strike partner, and his future.

Lionel Messi may be the greatest player of his generation, in an interview with Tyc Sports, he gives his insight on various experiences in football.

A payer who has been playing at the highest level of professional football for almost fifteen years has seen a lot of changes in the sport.

Perhaps the most controversial and recent is VAR.

Messi likes the idea but is not convinced it is being used right.

He said:

“I like VAR if it is used well.”

“What I don’t like is that it was brought in to clear up doubts, but it is still not doing that.”

“In the end, they [the decisions] are still determined by the referee, or another referee in the box, and are not based on what is really happening in the move.”

“It’s a very good thing but is not being well used.”

This season has seen Messi suffer from perhaps the worst injury spell of his career.

The player though shoulders a lot of the blame himself.

After playing in the Copa America, he came back to Barca and jumped right in, not his best decision.

He said:

“I first arrived [back from the summer]and started by training really hard, which I shouldn’t have done.”

“I had been out for a full month and I came back and trained as if I had been doing so for some time.”

“After that I had a relapse, thinking it was one thing and then another.”

“But now that’s over. I feel strong again and little by little I’m finding my rhythm.”

Many have come and gone at Barcelona during his time, and there have been some legends of football that have graced the field with him.

He has had several strike partners, but one, in particular, stands out.

He continued:

“Ronaldinho helped me a lot.”

“I came into the dressing room at 16-17 years of age, seeing all those footballing giants made it tough.”

“But he mentored me and made me feel comfortable, and I loosened up.”

“Afterwards on the pitch, I always looked for him but we didn’t have many years to enjoy together.”

“Besides, we didn’t play as much at that time. I would have liked to play more with Ronaldinho.”

He is, however, enjoying a strong relationship with his current sidekick Luis Suarez.

He added:

“I have played five years with Luis Suárez.”

“Playing every 3 days, you get used to each other and play by heart.”

“We have children of the same age, spend our lives together every day, and the relationship is growing ever stronger.”

In around fifteen years at the very top and almost twenty years at Barcelona, he has witnessed some great players, especially forwards.

There was one who stood well above the rest.

On the best striker ever he said:

“Ronaldo [Nazario] was a phenomenon.”

“Of all the strikers I ever saw, he was the best. He was unbelievable.”

After such an illustrious career, glittered with silverware and awards, there is if couse the 64 million dollar question, will he ever leave Barcelona and his eventual retirement.

He concluded:

“I don’t want to leave here.”

“I can’t think of moving away from Barcelona.”

“I have a dream of being able to play at Newell’s, in Argentine football, but I don’t know if it will happen.”

“I have a family and they come before my own desires.”

As Messi enters the twilight years of a phenomenal career, he still has ambitions and drives to continue to succeed.

Perhaps that is why he is so far ahead of so many others.

Lionel Messi perhaps the GOAT!