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Messi will never forget the first of his 400 La Liga goals

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In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, Argentine Lionel Messi celebrated his 400 La Liga goals but revealed that he will never forget the first one.

The love story between Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona is far from over, he just scored his 400 La Liga goal last weekend and he properly celebrated with an interview in which he wanted to reminisce about the very first goal he scored.

Back when he was only 16 years old, a complete kid Messi was during that time and none of us even imagined what we were all about to experience in the next 13 years.

It was a league match against Albacete at Camp Nou, Messi got on the pitch during the second half as Frank Rijkaard gave the Argentine his very first crack at an official football match with the Catalan club.

Just a year prior to that, Lionel had already starred in the Joan Gamper trophy against Juventus and he presented himself to the world by leaving legendary Fabio Capello in awe with his impressive talent.

While Messi wasn’t able to score during that match against the Italian giants, he did leave a great impression but his first official goal as a professional didn’t come until months after that.

It was only fitting that the best player in the world at that time would give Leo his first assist, Ronaldinho was one of the greats but he will also be remembered for helping Messi score his first ever La Liga goal.

“Being able to reach 400 goals makes me very proud and I hope I can score a few more. I don’t really care much about setting records or the stats, I much rather concentrate on the day-to-day,” said Messi during the interview.

“More than scoring goals, I think of every match as a challenge in which we all have to play in order to earn the 3 points and keep fighting to win La Liga.”

“This is the tournament that awards the most regular squad in the competition. I always try to help not only by scoring a few goals, but also by assisting my teammates or even being part of a key moment in the game.”

“The goal I will always remember is the first I ever scored against Albacete, the one where Ronnie assisted me, I will never forget it. It was on May 2005.”

“El Clasico goals, or the goals you score against the competitive squads that fight for the title such as Atletico, Valencia, Sevilla, they are all very special goals…”

“The ones I’ve had the fortune to score in front of our supporters at Camp Nou are always nice, and also the ones I’ve scored while playing away due to how complicated it is to score them…”

“In the end, the more important goals are not the most spectacular but the ones that help the team win.”

“It’s obvious that without the help of all my teammates, the ones from today and the ones who were with me all those years, scoring all those goals would’ve been impossible,” he concluded.

The road for Lionel Messi in Barcelona is not over yet, he still seems to have a lot of football left on his boots and many more goals to score in all competitions.

We just talked about new records that he would certainly love to break, the one that Josef Bican has as the player who has scored the most goals in any European league competition (500) is certainly one of the most exciting challenges the Messi has for the final stage of his career.

That is only 100 more La Liga goals that may not look as easy to achieve, but it’s an objective that doesn’t look as impossible for a player of his stature.

We do have to say that after so much time watching Leo score so many goals, reading him talk about that first one he scored after a Ronaldinho assist brings back some very nice memories.

That image of him jumping on Ronnie’s shoulders is the very first image that comes to mind when we remember that goal.

Which Lionel Messi goal out of the 400 do you remember the most? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.