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Messi worshipping tweeter labels Ronaldo “over-rated in the big games”

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Tweeter Kol Mikaelson has created a thread with the sole purpose to label Cristiano Ronaldo “over-rated in the big games.”

The great debate of who is the “real GOAT” Messi or Ronaldo, and it continues to rages on, with no conclusive winner.

We throw stats at one another trying to prove who is the true winner.

There is, however, a new player in the debate throwing his weight around in the argument. A certain tweeter Kol Mikaelson is calling Ronaldo out.

Before we take Mikaelson too seriously, his page is adorned with homage to Messi. Plus more anti-Ronaldo comments than you can imagine.

He believes that CR7 may have spectacular statistics. But all those numbers come from lesser opposition. When it comes to the big game he is “over-rated.”

The twitter thread he has created credits Real Madrid’s real heroes to be the likes of Sergio Ramos, Karim Benzema, Isco, Morata, and Gareth Bale.

“Sicknote” Bale really? Super-sub Isco? Chelsea flop Morata?

We scoured his thread for some credible evidence to back up the claim. Unfortunately, for Messi worshipping Mikaelson he didn’t have any.

Let us know who the “GOAT” is in your opinion.

Don’t be a Kol Mikaelson, pick a stat, and back up your claim!