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Messi would be the first Argentinean to do this

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The Albiceleste star has been asked to put his mark on the “Calzada de la Fama” at Maracana Stadium in Brazil.

The Maracana Stadium has been witness to a lot of history.

Not only Brazil’s biggest games have been played there, but also the stadium has witnessed two FIFA World Cup Finals.

And the stadium has a “Calzada de la Fama”, a small walking strip with the name of the biggest footballers in the world.

Pele, Zico, and Ronaldo from Brazil have already left their mark, and Messi could become the first Argentinean to do so, according to Mundo Deportivo.

The Brazilian Football Confederation has already sent the Argentinean Football Association a formal proposal so he can leave his mark before of after the Venezuela game.

The Barcelona footballer would either leave his mark when the Albiceleste trains at the stadium, or he will be sent a bronze mold to his concentration hotel so he can remain in eternity at Maracana.

There have been only six foreign-born players to have leave their mark: German Franz Beckenbauer, the Portuguese Eusebio , the Uruguayan Alcides Ghiggia and three soccer players closely linked to Brazilian soccer: the Chilean Elias Figueroa (Inter Porto Alegre), the Serbian Dejan Petkovic (Flamengo), and the Paraguayan Julio Cesar Romero (Fluminense).

Not even Diego Armando Maradona, a player always being compared to Pele or now with Messi, has left his mark at the historical site.

We will have to wait to see how this story will develop and if Messi can leave his mark in one or other way at the Maracana Stadium.