Messi’s Top 5 challenges before ending his career

Let us talk about the Top 5 major challenges that Lionel Messi has before he decides to retire, both at FC Barcelona and the Argentina National Team.

Argentine star Lionel Messi has been blessed with one of the most successful careers in sports history, the man has very few challenges to cross off his list but they are still very important and he is already entering a stage in which he is considered a veteran.

Real Betis coach Rubi hopes Lionel Messi catches a cold

Rubi jokingly admitted he hopes Lionel Messi catches a cold before Real Betis travel to Barcelona for Sunday's La Liga match.

When people start talking about the greatest athletes of all time, Messi’s name somehow always seems to come up alongside the likes of Roger Federer, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, or Tiger Woods.

But there is a large portion of fans who don’t really think he is the best football player of all time because he still has several accomplishments that he may not complete by the end of his career, which is why we give you the Top 5 biggest challenges Messi has before hanging up his boots.


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