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Mestre – the conditions of Neymar’s return to Barcelona

Neymar, Barcelona
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Former Barcelona vice-president Jordi Mestre insists if Neymar was to return to Barcelona it should only be under certain conditions.

All the talk over the summer was of Neymar’s imminent return to Barcelona from PSG. The move never happened, however, it is still considered a possibility in the future.

According to Barcelona vice president at the time Jordi Mestre there were certain conditions that had to be met last summer for the move to go through.

He insists there will be the same conditions if not more if it is to happen in the future.

Speaking Mundo Deportivo, Mestre admits while he wasn’t overly keen on the idea, there were elements within the club that wanted the player back.

Mestre was fine with that, but the criteria to get the deal done were difficult to meet.

He said:

“The players asked for him.”

“If he had come back and the club had benefitted because of it, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I’m not that proud.”

“On sporting terms, he could come back but on a series of conditions.”

“Firstly, PSG have to agree.”

“Then he would have to withdraw his lawsuit and acknowledge that he was in the wrong.”

“After that, all the birthday parties in Brazil would have to stop.”

Given those terms, if Jordi Mestre’s successor insists on similar conditions it remains to be seen if Neymar’s return to Barcelona will ever happen.

Although after what Eric Abidal recently suggested we may be in for a long back and forth summer of will he won’t he once again.