Meunier believes PSG’s Champions League exit was a joke

The Paris Saint-Germain player believes their defeat against Manchester United was the “biggest joke in the history of football.”

In the first leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) defeated Manchester United 2-0 at Old Trafford.

And that would have been enough to advance to the next round, as the next game was going to be at home.

But at Parc des Princes, Romelo Lulaku scored twice, and Marcus Rashford once, to give the Red Devils the ticket to the next round.

For PSG’s Thomas Meunier, their Champions League exit was the “biggest joke in the history of football.”

“I would have bet €1 million that we would not lose,” he told ESPN.

“They did not even have chances and they still scored three goals.”

“It was even more shocking than Barcelona,” he added.

“The Champions League is still the major problem.”

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He explained: “Winning this competition and being part of the big ones like Real Madrid and Barca, which is what a lot of international communication has focused on, will take a long time.”

“PSG is a club that is growing.”

“I am neither hot nor cold about it [social media criticism from PSG fans],” he said.

“Sometimes I have fun with it.”

“I have values. When I talk about something, I try to do so as sincerely as possible,” the footballer said.

“It is my world; I am my own person and I will stay this way. The majority of fans support me.”


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