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Meunier is delighted to play for PSG

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The Belgian defender feels that Paris Saint-Germain is a big family, as he remembers the best of the 2018-2019 season.

Paris Saint-Germain won the French Ligue 1 trophy this season.

And for Belgian defender Thomas Meunier, this is thanks to how the team feels like a big family.

“For an ambitious club like Paris Saint-Germain, winning the league is the most important trophy and you can win it as early as possible or you can win it late with a little more suspense,” he told the team’s official website.

“Itโ€™s a whole lot of factors that mean winning the league is almost an obligation for Paris every season.”

He explained: “Itโ€™s the end point of what has been a very good season for Paris in the league.”

“There are several indicators that show it was a very good campaign and the cherry on top is winning the title.”

“It was an exceptional campaign. The team wanted to break records, like every year,” he said.

“Every year we manage to set new records, most of the time beating records set by Paris Saint-Germain.”

“You mustnโ€™t underestimate the work done by the coaching staff, the players and the entire club and the supporters,” the defender continued.

“We are one big family and we work hard every season to be the best. It’s important to remind people that it’s never easy. It’s easier to reach the top than it is to stay there.”