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Meunier: PSG players more than footballers; they’re stars

Thomas Meunier
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Borussia Dortmund plucked Thomas Meunier from PSG but the Belgian defender will remember Paris for parties and superstars.

Ronaldinho got a taste of it and could never have enough of it. Neymar is the reigns there now. His parties are outrageous and Thomas Meunier can vouch for it.

Meunier is now in Germany, plying his trade with Borussia Dortmund. The nightlife in Dortmund might be subdued due to the coronavirus pandemic but it will not come close to Paris. 

The former Club Burgues star believes nothing comes close to what he experienced in the French capital. 

He shared it was in stark contrast to what he was used to in native Belgium. After the jump from a dart game at the pub to hundreds of stars at a party, Meunier believes PSG players are superstars.

“Nothing but birthday parties – incredible,” the Belgian defender told RTBF.

“When I was at Bruges, we’d celebrate birthdays by playing darts or pool in a bar, but here it’s just outrageous.

“But that just reflects the club: hire a palace, hire a building, parties with hundreds of people.

“That’s when you see that they’re more than footballers; they’re stars.

“I always had a good time but it was all a bit extravagant and ‘did you see me?’ But that’s part of it, part of the game.”