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Michael Owen makes Premier League title & top four prediction

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The former Liverpool and Manchester United striker shared his thoughts on how this season’s key battles will be played out.

Michael Owen reckons Arsenal are ‘here to stay’ in the upper realm of the Premier League, but he expects Manchester City to win the title.

The Gunners have built up a four-point lead over City in second and third-placed Tottenham at the top of the league table after 10 games, having collected nine wins out of a possible 10.

“Arsenal have surprised a lot of people, and I don’t think it’s a fluke. When you watch their performances, they’ve actually played really well,” Owen told AceOdds.

“The good thing for them is that they’ve got a young team. So you would think that energy and improvement will continue to come for them.

“I don’t think Arsenal are a flash in the pan at all. I think they’ll sustain it. I think they’ll have a good season.

‘But I think Manchester City are different class to anyone at the moment. I think they’ve had a great start to the season. Obviously, they lost to Liverpool the other day, but they look so good in so many games. I still think Manchester City will win the league, but I think Arsenal are here to stay.”

Owen tips Liverpool to beat Spurs & Man Utd to 4th

The top four race is taking shape in the Premier League.

Chelsea hold the fourth and final Champions League spot with 20 points from 10 games. Manchester United are one point behind in fifth, sixth-placed Newcastle are a further point, with Liverpool bringing up the rear in seventh.

“Well, it is tough to call the top four. Manchester City for sure. I think Chelsea are probably going to be in the top four. Arsenal as well. It’s very hard to leave one out, isn’t it?” Owen said.

“I’m actually torn between Liverpool and Tottenham at the moment. I’m going to say Liverpool, but how can you leave Tottenham out of the top four when they are playing particularly well as well?

“Manchester United, they’ve got a good chance. But there’s going to be a massive team that everybody would expect to be in the top four that are going to miss out this year.

“I do think Liverpool are still right up there among the elite. I think that even though Arsenal had a good start to the season and Liverpool are maybe ten points or so behind them, I still think that Manchester City and Liverpool are the top two teams in Europe for that matter.

“So it’s so hard to say. I’ll probably say Tottenham and Manchester United will miss out.”