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Michael Sheen spends his life savings to take the Homeless World Cup to Wales

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The tournament is organized around the world, to give anyone a chance to compete in the international stage.

The Homeless World Cup is a tournament where anybody around the world can enter and compete for free to qualify to the Finals.

And for actor and activist Michael Sheen, it was a great idea to take it to Wales, where the tournament was celebrated this year.

When you’re 50 years old and about to become a dad again, spending a small fortune on the football sounds, well, a little bit reckless.

But when Michael Sheen cleared out his savings to mount a tournament he knew that he was investing wisely, in new lives for thousands of strangers.

“It can play a massive part in helping people transform their lives, and bring some joy and hope when things seem at their worst,” he told The Mirror.

“I believe in this so much that I put my hand in my pocket and put myself in a very difficult financial situation to make it happen.”

“It’s about being welcomed into a team – a family – with a sense of belonging and that is hugely transformative,” he added.

“Also, they are getting to represent their country – and I know how amazing that feels.”

“I remember getting the letter telling me I had been selected to act in the National Theatre of Wales when I was 14,” he commented.

“I can still feel the thrill, walking around with this secret, glowing knowledge that I was representing Wales. It had a huge effect on me.”

“But I’ve also seen how football breaks down barriers in so many ways,” he added.

“As an ambassador for UNICEF, I see people playing football in refugee camps and some of the harshest places in the world.”

“It gives people a release, an escape and it gives them hope, a bit of joy,” Sheen concluded.