Miguel Almiron transfer to Newcastle United is a risk worth taking

Atlanta United player Miguel Almiron is currently undergoing medicals at Newcastle ahead of a club-record transfer to Rafa Benitez side.

South American football expert Tim Vickery believes that Migue transfer is a risk yet adds that its worth taking.

“He’s going to run with the ball at devastating pace with a lovely left foot, these are his two great virtues: wonderful pace and a left foot to open up defences,” Vickery told Sky Sports.

“He’s an ideal type of player for a team that want to defend deep, cover up and launch a counter attack.

“It is a risk, this is a new business model, you think of the MLS as a elephants graveyard but now they’re looking for young south American talent and looking to sell it on.

Benitez insists he didn’t leave for the money

Former Newcastle United manager Rafael Benitez says he didn't leave the club for China just because of the hefty Chinese Super League money.

“This for Atlanta United is a fantastic piece of business, they bought him for under $10m, he’s launched a club and already won them silverware and they’re making a considerable profit if he goes to Newcastle.

“There is a risk, he’s coming up to 25, usually European clubs see this as an advanced age to bring a South American player into European football so he’ll have to adapt, but I think he could be good fit for Newcastle.

“I think he’s got a lot to bring to the Premier League, he is going to have to sharpen up his decision making in the final third, especially as he’s moving to a football which is much more intense than in the MLS and in South America.

“He helped Lanus win a title in Argentina and was their key player in that, it’s nowhere near the size of a Boca Juniors or River Plate, for a young Paraguayan to move there shows something.”



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