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Mihajlovic criticizes Ibra’s decision to join AC Milan

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic ended the long December saga when he publicized he will join AC Milan, picking them over Bologna.

This decision to join Milan didn’t sit well with Bologna’s manager.

Mihajlovic spoke to Gazzetta, where he said:

“It is disappointing, because I think he’d have had more fun here.

“It would’ve been good for him, for the city and the club, with the team playing to help set him up for goals.

“I have no complaints, because he had said that if he’d chosen Bologna, it would’ve been for me.

“I realise there are other factors at stake, including family commitments.

“Ibra did call me before making his decision, so he kept his word and remains a dear friend. It just means I’ll have to beat him on the pitch now.”

It’s gonna be a great clash when these two meet on the pitch.