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Mihajlovic wants to fight leukemia and still coach Bologna

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The 50-year-old Serbian manager has been diagnosed with the illness, but he doesn’t want to stop doing what he loves.

Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic has been diagnosed with leukemia.

But the Italian Serie A boss has said he will stop working while he battles with the illness.

“I asked for this press conference and also for privacy, as I was the one who wanted to tell the squad and all of you this news first,” he told reporters according to Football Italia.

“Unfortunately, that did not happen, not everyone respected it and in order to sell a few more hundred copies, they ruined a long-term friendship.”

“Unfortunately, or even fortunately, we performed some tests that showed anomalies I didn’t have four months ago,” he added.

“I’ll explain it all clearly because I don’t want people speculating. I’ll tell you the truth, how things stand, then once that is done, the doctor will continue to give you updates, with my privacy respected.”

He explained: “I cannot wait to go to the hospital and start the fight. It is aggressive, but it is beatable.”

“I explained that to my players too, we had a conference call with them and as is natural, I had some tears.”

The manager concluded: “I hope that after I’ve won this battle, I will be able to talk it over with all of you and look back on this period.”

“Unfortunately, nothing was given to me in life. I had to fight for everything. I’ll fight this too.”