Mihajlovic wishes Montella well, but not today

Bologna is set to play against Fiorentina today in the Italian Lega Serie A, as coach Sinisa Mihajlovic meets Vincenzo Montella once again.

Bologna is currently in the 17th position of the Italian Lega Serie A with 30 points.

The team is just two points safe from the relegation zone, as they take on Fiorentina, 10th place in the table, today in Matchday 32.

And Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic will be meeting Vincenzo Montella once again.

“There are so many cross-overs between us, he has trained almost all of the same teams as me,” Mihajlovic told Football Italia.

“I would like to join a club after him for once since I generally leave him with half the work already done on the physical and mental level!”

He added: “I know him well, he plays three at the back but defends with four, I can imagine what he will do based on what he has done elsewhere.”

“We have prepared ourselves well for this game and systems don’t count, but desire does.”

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New Juventus boss Maurizio Sarri will reportedly head out to Greece to meet Cristiano Ronaldo and begin plotting for next season.

“I don’t know how they will react, but for me, it will be strange to come back. I don’t know how they can complain about an owner like Della Valle, but some of them even complained about me when we won,” he continued.

“It’s an open race. I think they can be stronger than what they were, but we will have to keep to our game-plan, as they have weaknesses that we can exploit.”

“From my first game, I picked a set up and then went to work on getting our minds right. I work 70% on my team and 30% on our opponents. Keeping the bar high is the only way to achieve the right result,” Mihajlovic said.

“In training, the intensity is perhaps even higher than in the game, but that is what I ask for. We have done a lot of mental work to make them aware that we can do it as both individuals and as a team.”


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