According to former Blancos striker, Predrag Mijatovic, if Zinedine Zidane was able to return to Real Madrid, why Jose Mourinho would not do it too?

Zinedine Zidane is living his second era in the Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid.

But the results have not been the same and there are some rumors he might be sacked.

This is why former striker Predrag Mijatovic believes Zidane could be replaced by Jose Mourinho.

“If Zidane came back and I thought that would never happen, why can’t Mourinho return to Real Madrid?” he asked according to Goal.

“All of the managers who go through Madrid want to come back because they want to fix things that they did during their time at the club.”

He explained: “But Madrid has a manager, his name is Zidane and you have to respect that.”

“At the start of the season, I said that Madrid was lacking in midfield.”

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“Against Mallorca, there was just one defensive player, Casemiro. The others are attackers and they left holes behind them. They have to put up with it until January,” he said.

“I am excited to see the game and I have a good feeling.”

“I heard the press conference from [Sergio] Ramos and Zidane and I also have some information that the team knows how important the game is,” he commented.

“They’ll do everything to win and they only see value in a victory.”


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