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Mike Phelan will become Manchester United’s main scout

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Apart from being Manchester United’s assistant manager, Mike Phelan is also set to become the club’s top main scout by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s request.

Even though Manchester United hasn’t gotten the ideal results in recent weeks, it is clear that Solskjaer makes a perfect partnership with Mike Phelan.

The two managers have made a duo that is slowly bringing back all the old philosophies that the Red Devils had during the Ferguson era.

The Scottish manager’s departure in 2013 brought a very different way of operating from within the institution.

Suddenly the manager’s role was limited to coaching the players and he was often left out of any transfer decision.

Solskjaer understands that the club needs to have a direct connection between the board and the coaching staff in regards to transfers.

This communication has to be directly linked to scouting players who are considered Red Devil “material” and that’s where Mike Phelan’s job comes into play.

The clubs still hasn’t made his job official because they are still deciding the terms of his contract.

However, Manchester Evening News reports that Solskjaer wants to give Phelan all the power to make the decision of bringing the best players to the club.

There is nobody who understands how to pick the appropriate United prospects than Mike.

During his 14 years at the club next to Sir Alex Ferguson, Phelan played different roles that were essential for the squad’s success.

He was the man who hand-picked many of the young players who would eventually become Red Devils.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer saw Mike at work from a close distance for many years and that’s the reason he chose the man to accompany him on this journey.

Both men understand that having Ed Woodward making the transfer decisions has been one of the most obvious mistakes that the club’s owners made.

The businessman knows very little about Manchester United’s philosophy and his track record speaks for itself in regards to purchasing players for the club.

Phelan’s job would be very simple as soon as it’s made official, he will be tasked with scouting the earth for the ideal Manchester United players from now on.

Apart from his already important task to coach the players who are already at the club on a day-to-day basis alongside Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The Norwegian manager does everything almost exactly like Sir Alex did it during his time as a player, he is the hand that will move all the strings from above.

Solskjaer’s idea for the new transfer policy explained

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer knows that he can’t really start going into details about which players are the ones they are going after next summer.

However, he was directly asked about the new policy that the club will begin to adopt last Thursday and he only gave a few details.

“We know there’s work to be done,” Solskjaer said via Manchester Evening News.

“I’ve said all along this isn’t gonna change overnight and the next few years are gonna be massive for us to get to the level of Barcelona and other teams are at the moment.”

“We’re on with the job and have spoken to the players about it as well, that we need to get the best out of each other, create an environment of top, top, top class attitude, world-class attitude every single day. Because we’ve got good players and I’ve got good players to work with.”

“And, as I said, at the moment we’ve done really, really well to get to the quarters and challenge for the top four. So we’ve got a rebuilding job but it starts with the coaches and players, and of course one or two additions to the squad will happen in the summer.”

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