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Militao stops press conference after feeling ‘faint’

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The Real Madrid footballer was answering questions today, when he felt ill and short of breath, before abandoning the press conference.

During today’s Real Madrid press conference, 21-year-old footballer Eder Militao was answering questions about the next campaign.

But after he was asked about his compatriot Neymar and the problems he’s presenting at Paris Saint-Germain, he started feeling bad.

He tried to drink some water while muttering some words but had to ask to excuse himself as he couldn’t continue the press conference.

Before that Militao said: “I am a versatile player who always plays with a love of what he does [for a job].”

“I don’t like to lose and I always expect the best from myself. I’m very competitive.”

He explained: “Many of Madrid’s fans won’t have seen the 21-year-old in action at Porto and he gave them a glimpse of what they should expect.”

“You can expect a very competitive player who will give his all for this shirt. I’m going to play every match like it’s my last.”

“Whilst playing for Porto, Militao shared a dressing room with Iker Casillas and Pepe, and he made clear that he asked them about life at Madrid,” he said.

“They have said to me that it is a club that in five years won four Champions Leagues.”

“My feet are on the ground. The coach [Zidane] has the last word,” he commented.

When asked about Neymar, he said: “I feel faint, I feel faint, it’s an enormous emotion. I can’t do anything more.”