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Mills says Arsenal should have signed Cahill

Gary Cahill, Crystal Palace, Premier League
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According to the former footballer, the Gunners should have bought Gary Cahill during the summer transfer window and appointed him captain.

Granit Xhaka made a fool of himself in Sunday’s English Premier League match between Arsenal and Crystal Palace.

And according to former footballer Danny Mills, the team should have gone for Gary Cahill during the summer and appointed him the captain instead.

“I don’t see any natural leaders in that Arsenal squad,” Mills was quoted by Football 365.

“That’s why they’ve struggled the last few seasons.”

He explained: “I think maybe they need to bring somebody in with the character.”

“That’s why I was very, very surprised that they didn’t go for somebody like [Gary] Cahill.”

“On a free transfer, with the experience he has, knowing that they’ve got defensive problems, bring him in,” he added.

“Give him the captaincy even if he’s not going to play every week.”

“The standards that he sets, the things that he’s won on and off the pitch, that’s the sort of person that you need in that Arsenal squad,” Mills concluded.