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Milner admits he doesn’t know what his future will be

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The Liverpool footballer hinted he wants to extend his Reds stay, but doesn’t know what will the club decide.

James Milner has 12 months left on his Liverpool contract.

And the footballer wants to remain with the Reds but doesn’t know what the future has in store for him.

“As it stands, last year we spoke to the club and asked them if they wanted to do something and they said not at that time,” said Milner to The Liverpool Echo.

“We haven’t heard anything since, so that’s where we are at.”

“It’s obviously nice. All I can do is concentrate on my football and do what I can,” he added.

“But in terms of where I am with my contract, that’s what has happened up until now and I haven’t heard anything from the club.”

Milner explained: “Everyone pipes on about my age and stuff I understand you are going to get that.”

“There are three things to it: availability, fitness and performance level. Hopefully, I am delivering all three.”

“I am just going to keep concentrating on my football, keep contributing to Liverpool and be the best player I can be for as long as possible,” he concluded.