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Milner empathizes with Watford after beating them

James Milner, Liverpool
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James Milner has acknowledged Watford’s struggles while praising his team’s ability to get the results despite the bad conditions.

Liverpool marched closer towards their first Premier League in 20 years with a win against Watford earlier today. Mohamed Salah scored twice to send his team 14 points clear at the top of the table.

James Milner, who recently signed a new contract with Liverpool, tried to sympathize with his opponents while saying that he understands their struggles.

“They were always going to be up for it, a new manager coming in. We know what Nige is like as well,” Milner said as per Goal.

“They’re having a bad time but we knew it would be tough and it proved to be that.”

The Reds vice-captain also highlighted his team’s mental strengths by remarking their ability to get the job done despite the bad conditions

“It’s not nice, obviously. It affects everything, the touch, the longer passes, crosses, but you have to deal with it. It’s the same for both teams and sometimes you’ve just got to scrap it out,” Milner said.

“It can’t always be pretty and nice football, and that’s an important result, to get those three points in the way we did, battling it out.”