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Mino Raiola is the reason Barcelona might not sign De Ligt

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Despite Matthijs de Ligt is practically a done deal for FC Barcelona, agent Mino Raiola would be the only reason he may not sign next summer.

Agent Mino Raiola has always been a major headache for several giant European clubs such as Barcelona.

The Italian businessman has the contract of several world-class stars in the continent and one of them is Matthijs de Ligt.

The Dutch defender is currently considered among the most coveted players in the world and many big clubs are in a bidding war for his transfer.

This is the ideal scenario for a money-hungry agent such as Mino Raiola, who has always cared more about money than his players’ career.

The Italian immediately saw Matthijs de Ligt as a new opportunity to get the most cash out of any club that wants the transfer regardless of the consequences.

The player already stated that his intention is to play at Barcelona next season but Raiola cares more about getting both he and his player a bigger payday.

The problem here is that Barcelona has already experienced some problems with the infamous agent in the past and their patience is growing thinner by the minute.

Mundo Deportivo reported last Friday that the club is confident they will sign the player but Raiola’s involvement is making things a lot slower.

The terms of the deal for Matthijs de Ligt

According to the report from Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona and the player reached an agreement months ago for €80 million.

However, agent Mino Raiola saw how several clubs have come forward asking for his client in recent months and his eyes immediately started sparkling.

The Italian agent saw the opening and told De Ligt that he prefers other clubs who pay more for his transfer.

This recent move is far from surprising for FC Barcelona and they understand Raiola’s nature of always trying to negotiate the best terms for his agent and himself.

However, clubs like the Blaugrana are always short on patience and they won’t hesitate to cut the deal short regardless of who the player is.

Mino Raiola has already pulled off some nasty betrayals against the Catalan club and they already know how to deal with his kind.

The one with the last word here is De Ligt himself, he is the person who has the power to overrule Mino Raiola’s whims and demand that he wants to play for Barcelona next season.

The only play that the agent has is to listen to his client or risk losing him for good if he does something De Ligt doesn’t approve.

Raiola doesn’t only have to deal with the player, but his family as well.

Frenkie de Jong’s influence in De Ligt

Another major player on this whole negotiation is Frenkie de Jong, the Dutch midfielder is Matthijs de Ligt’s best friend and his confidant.

FC Barcelona trusts that the conversations between both players will eventually convince De Ligt that he shouldn’t listen too much to Mino Raiola’s suggestions.

The club also believes that the defender is a mature individual who knows that not choosing Barcelona as his next destination would be a huge mistake.

Mino Raiola has everything to lose on this new battle between him and the Catalan club. Even president Josep Maria Bartomeu stated that he doesn’t dislike the infamous agent but there are lines that he really shouldn’t cross.

De Ligt’s personality will play a huge part in this whole negotiation because he is very different from Paul Pogba in regards to Mino Raiola’s different clients.

The French midfielder is a more flamboyant type of individual, whereas De Ligt loves keeping a low profile and the more quiet life that a footballer can lead.

We are approaching the most crucial moment in this whole negotiation and we’ll soon find out what the final decision from De Ligt will be.


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