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Miranda is focused only on Copa America

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The Inter Milan footballer has said he will stay put at the Italian Lega Serie A club, but he is focused on the Brazilian national team.

There have been many rumors that Miranda is leaving Internazionale Milan this season.

But the Brazilian footballer has said he is not, but that he’s only focused on the 2019 Copa America competition.

“Coming on was difficult, but we play for our national team and we need to be ready, whether it’s a minute or seven games,” the defender was quoted by Football Italia.

“I had to prove that I was ready, even at the most complicated point of the game.”

“We know the support of our fans is always there, and it certainly increases when we win,” he added.

“I think there’s been a lot of talk about me, but right now I’m at Inter. People have been talking, even though they don’t know what I want.”

He explained: “However, right now I’m only thinking about the Copa America Final. I’ll talk to the club once the tournament ends to see if they want to keep me.”

“Yes, they’re a good option for me. I think Inter are growing and I’d like to be part of a victorious Inter.”