MLS commissioner believes new teams have been amazing

For Don Garber, the new franchises in Major League Soccer have shown that football can be a sport Americans love.

Many have said that football is not something American fans can support.

The North American country already has four big leagues that attract the attention of the sports fans: NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

But for Major League Soccer (MLS) commissioner Don Garber, football has come to America and it’s there to stay.

“We got to get 28 done, and we’ve got to get them all on-boarded, as we’ve been working hard with Cincinnati, Nashville, Miami and soon Austin,” he told ESPN.

“But you know I do believe there is no city in this country that can’t support a Major League Soccer team with a rabid fan base, with a great stadium plan, with a committed ownership group, with a community that will get beyond the club.”

“So we’ll sit down with our ownership group this year and determine whether we go beyond 28 to 30. Where that goes and when that goes is really too premature to say,” he added.

“I think Atlanta probably did. Seattle in 2009 comes in and nobody ever thought we’d ever had tens of thousands of fans and 30-40,000 season tickets,” he explained.

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“Atlanta comes in, it’s got 55,000 fans on average. But every new team that’s come on has been absolutely fantastic.”

“We had a stadium that’s supposed to be 20,000 seats, we expanded it to 27 in Orlando,” the commissioner continued.

“We have an unbelievable dynamic going on in the rebirth of a club in Kansas City, with a new stadium, a new ownership group selling out every game that they’ve had since they’ve been in Children’s Mercy Park.”

“Portland comes on and sets a new bar. Vancouver does the same thing,” he commented.

“There’s been so much growth that’s driven by the passion of our country to get behind a division one soccer league like Major League Soccer, with great players, great teams great community-based ownership groups that ultimately are raising the bar every year.”


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